Write it once Share it twice

For some time I have been challenged by learning Wiki Markup. I learned HTML 4.0 then I took on xHtml 1.1 and the market keeps evolving. I help to maintain a few wiki pages on the digital archival of language based materials on the company I work at’s intranet. Way cool that we have a wiki, but I haven’t written much their because I like to compose in WordPress (xHtml) and use the full screen mode to block out distractions. Most of what I write comes from various internet sources. I feel a certain obligation to the sources to acknowledge them publicly, if I am going to use their content privately too. Therefore, I prefer to share those things externally as well as internally. The result is that I usually post what I write to my personal blog before I post to the company intranet. In the past I have had to rework the markup syntax when I move things from WordPress to the wiki.

However, I recently found an HTML to Wiki syntax converter: http://labs.seapine.com/htmltowiki.cgi. This tool allows me to compose in WordPress, convert to Wiki syntax and then repost to the corporate wiki.

Selected Works™ & BePress

Bepress is an internet based service from Berkeley Electronic Press. They basically allow a user to display their work. i.e. a Professor’s CV which has a list of publications, those publications are then displayed by Selected Works™ & BePress as downloadable PDFs. These works can then also be described, downloaded, their bibliographic references can be downloaded, etc. Berkeley Electronic Press archives the Documents and presents them in an understandable, accessible, usable format. They have integrated Google search. Seems like lots of Love all around.
This kind of thing would be really good for an organization like the one I work with.

This is a picture of a page. See this page live.

This is a picture of a page. See this page live.

BePress has a lot of features, it integrates with a lot of other services too. One service which looked really cool was their service for working with the editorial process used in working papers.