Lexical Database Archiving Questionnaire


It's true!

I am asking around on different mailing lists to gain some insight into the archiving habits of linguists who use lexical databases. I am specifically interested in databases created by tools like FLEx, ToolBox, Lexus, TshwaneLex, etc.

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Downstairs stadium

I wonder if I could turn my downstairs den into a dual couch stadium seating area with a wall fan, remove the ceiling fan and add a retractable projector and retractable screen.

This is the idea with the fan, but this one specifically is not sold in the USA.

craft a wall bracket.

I like white on birch.

Stadium seating. Is next.Some examples.

Retractable screens are a dime a dozen. It seems the big question is if I want it to be manual or powered.



Capitalization in indigenous writing systems

I was recently visiting a small remote village. There were large sorghum fields all around. This village was notable for some of the environmental literacy which on could find in the area. Particularly the use of capitalization in names. In fact the name of the village had two capital letters.

Village name sign

This sort capitalization pattern of the use of capitalization word medially has seen its objections among onomastists. The suggestion has been that English does not allow for names to contain two capital letters and therefore references materials written in English containing non-English names should normalize capitalization so that only the first letter of names is capitalized. Obviously this is an uninformed but principled position to take. It is a serious matter to regularize a reference resource because it gives a filtered (and biased) view to users.

Following Journler — with Obsidian

Many years ago there was a brilliant piece of software called Journler for mac. In someways this software was like WordPress for local use, it connected with many of the Operating APIs (like for pictures). I thought it was amazing. It officially died in 2015. However, for note taking I recently found a tool called Obsidian. But the content of Obsidian is maintained in markdown. I wonder if it could take the same place as Journler. One interesting idea the use of graphing (network graphs) from notes and tables in those notes.

What is the relationship between fractals (logistics map specifically) and black holes?

I was watching the logistics map equation video in which the author discusses some interesting math related to populations and symmetry.

Then I was watching the same author and noticed that there is a spacing around black holes.

So I wonder, is there a relationship between feigenbaum's constant and the r-isco spacing of black holes?