Afternoon snack

Katja and I had afternoon hot chocolate today. we talked about her work at school. She is learning about typography and letter height. Worm line, grass line, airplane line and cloud line. I showed her some of my work and some of the font things I’ve done and the font book we have here in the house.

Font lines and homework lines
Stirring milk for hot choclate


Hugh V on a train to Nîmes.

While many in the world feel the pandemic is a disaster or a disruption, we have weathered the storm and found great things in this time. Hugh V was born just days before France shut down. Through that experience we met a mid-wife who blessed us beyond belief. Then I helped her move. At that event I then met her sister who invited us to stay with her and her husband in Nîmes. So during a school break we took a train with two kids and a stroller to a city we’d never been to before.

I loved taking my daughter to have hot chocolate.

During our stay I got sick but thankfully it wasn’t COVID. We still trudged through mostly empty streets looking at restored architectural wonders, leaning about the linguistic and cultural diversity of the area, and visiting museums.

The Nîmes colosseum
The Langdoc place.

These experiences would not have been possible without the generosity of our French friends or the logistic persistence of my wife.

One of the fantastically fun things I started on this trip was sketching with my daughter.

Swimming and not

Being a solo parent is hard. Sometimes it can mean taking your kids with you to do the thing you do.

I Swim in the mornings to keep my sanity. But this means figuring out what my little girl can do without me while I swim. One particular cold morning I helped her with her bag of things to do including drawing and music and my warm sleeping bag.

Katja and her things
Frozen deck at the pool.