Write it once Share it twice

For some time I have been challenged by learning Wiki Markup. I learned HTML 4.0 then I took on xHtml 1.1 and the market keeps evolving. I help to maintain a few wiki pages on the digital archival of language based materials on the company I work at’s intranet. Way cool that we have a wiki, but I haven’t written much their because I like to compose in WordPress (xHtml) and use the full screen mode to block out distractions. Most of what I write comes from various internet sources. I feel a certain obligation to the sources to acknowledge them publicly, if I am going to use their content privately too. Therefore, I prefer to share those things externally as well as internally. The result is that I usually post what I write to my personal blog before I post to the company intranet. In the past I have had to rework the markup syntax when I move things from WordPress to the wiki.

However, I recently found an HTML to Wiki syntax converter: http://labs.seapine.com/htmltowiki.cgi. This tool allows me to compose in WordPress, convert to Wiki syntax and then repost to the corporate wiki.