Lexical Database Archiving Questionnaire


It's true!

I am asking around on different mailing lists to gain some insight into the archiving habits of linguists who use lexical databases. I am specifically interested in databases created by tools like FLEx, ToolBox, Lexus, TshwaneLex, etc.

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South Sister Climb

I took Katja to climb South Sister. We made our attempt on September 17th. We left Eugene on the 16th and camped on OR-126. Made it to the Dee Wight observatory for sunrise.

Took a stop in Bend at the grocery store for yogurt for breakfast.

I wasn't sure if we were going to summit and down in one day or if we were going to camp around Moraine Lake and summit the next day. The camping area on T36 and the trail to Moraine Lake is slightly out of the wind but has lots of prickly grass. Not a super smooth place to camp.

Broken Top from T36

We started up TR36.1, joined TR36 and marched to the top — almost. We started at about 5500 feet elevation and ended just at about 8,000 feet with a distance round trip trek of about 3.84 miles one way (7.68 miles round trip). Great work for a 7 year-old! I need to bring us gloves next time and more food and more water. Finding a backpack for her would be awesome and take some of the weight off of my shoulders. She needs shoes that tie rather than velcro shoes.

Start: 1,44.03711822899115,-121.76427483558656,5479.003

Turn-around point: 4,44.08561748668657,-121.76805038005115,8028.215

map with trail outlined.

Approximate trail. T36 is not visible through the woods on satellite view.

Some links for planning south sister climb

In honor of my little girl's seventh birthday I planned an accent to south sister for us.


Three Sisters Loop: Devils Lake to Green Lakes


Upgrading Lenovo ThinkPads

Lenovo ThinkPads (T530 edition) seem to be my all time favorite laptop... Extremely rugged... I run ubuntu. I'm looking at upgrading to a W530.

Here are some links.



I need to update the BIOS:


How To Make Ubuntu Look Like Mac (In 5 Steps)


T530 Wireless Upgrade? from thinkpad


upgrade the hd

Buy usb

update the network:





In my upgrade process I want to make sure that I am also able to use Zotero with my workflow and either use a remarkable tablet or a boox tablet. Here are some links in that direction:
BOOX Note Air Set With Free Accessories

Experience using the reMarkable 2 as a Linux tablet from RemarkableTablet


iOS mail app and UNT

It seems that iOS mail app does not work with the UNT servers. This seems to be an overgeneralization. I contacted UNT helpdesk for assistance. I set up my account correctly and then it downloaded one message which stated that the service was blocked on my device. So account creation was successful, but there is something on their end... The UNT help desk was unhelpful in that they couldn't tell me anything except that "sometimes the mail app doesn't work with our servers, we recommend using the outlook app". Well it does work, else I wouldn't have successfully downloaded the email message saying I was blocked...

The best guess I can come up with is that older versions of mail app in iOS are blocked because they have a security flaw in them or UNT has middleware deployed on its ActiveSync connections.

Montana Taxes

Becky and I have been looking at Property Taxes in Montana to better understand the variation in the system there.

Like Texas, they have fluctuating tax amounts based on real market value. Properties are appraised every two years. Property Taxes unlike in Oregon which pre-pays them, are paid in arrears in Montana.



I first traveled through Montana in 2005. I liked it then and liked it now.
"Homesteading" is interesting, but not really our thing at this point in our lives. The tax law doesn't really help prospectors to "grab" land and then hold them.

Some interesting concepts which are unique to Montana are explained here:

In addition to property taxes Montana has Mills. https://madisoncountymt.gov/208/Millage-Rate-Explained

Role and options of delinquent taxes seems to not be straight forward.

Climbing in and around Kalispell

Trying to find some good climbing around Kalispell. https://www.mountainproject.com/area/119204876/stryker-crags






Companies in the scene:



Indoor gyms in Montana: https://www.indoorclimbing.com/montana.html http://www.xtraactionsports.com/rock-climbing-walls/montana-rock-climbing-walls.htm https://www.umt.edu/crec/Outdoor/wall.php

the UMT wall is between 30' and 50' high and about 38' wide with about 7000 sq ft of climbing surface.

Topical vs. Exegetical

When I was in highschool I took an internship with the pastor of the church which ran the school in which I was enrolled. It was a fantastic relationship and mentorship. One of the things that was stressed in that course was the merits of exegetical preaching over topical preaching. While both are alleged to have their merits, topical preaching was framed as the weaker public form because it was seen as supporting a theology which was ungrounded. It gave opportunity for convenience in theology. However, there are times which social groups need to address specific topics. In fact Paul addresses specific topics at churches in his letters. In this sense then, theology when systematic, must look at issues topically. It must also look at all supporting arguments to make sure those arguments are exegetically or socio-culturally-contextually accurate. In these cases contextual relevance and interpretation is important. The topic of the discourse unit is paramount in the application of the verse. Verses markers in scripture are purely indexical. Understanding the topics the Bible discusses and why those topics are discussed allows for accurate and appropriate application in new social environments.