Lexical Database Archiving Questionnaire


It's true!

I am asking around on different mailing lists to gain some insight into the archiving habits of linguists who use lexical databases. I am specifically interested in databases created by tools like FLEx, ToolBox, Lexus, TshwaneLex, etc.

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Zotero Pains… The “pre-print”

The massive pre-print industry has influenced Zotero to make their a specific category for pre-print. This is a cognitive fallacy which only exacerbates the citation and reference chaos.

Pre-prints are manuscripts.... There are hand-written manuscripts, there are typescript manuscripts and there are computer generated manuscripts... Zotero already has manuscripts as a category... no need to add a new category.

To make matters worse, Zotero imports PDFs when it can find open access versions of them. The problem is that it imports them to the article/publication type when they are pre-prints rather than to the pre-print item type. This make authority version management in Zotero nightmare. Classic case (try importing) : https://doi.org/10.1177/0964663914565848

I am still hopeful that Zotero staff will find a clean and easy way to automatically link pre-prints to their authority version records within Zotero.

The swimmers

Sometimes as a parent one has to encourage their child to do something their child doesn't want to do. That time can today. I had to pull teeth to get Katja to come to the pool with me today. I told her she only needed to swim 3 laps. After much cajoling we got to the car. By the time she got to the pool, she had a kick board and was off. I got a few laps in and she met me at the far wall of the 25 yard lane. She says to me: " I want to swim 12 laps". And so she did. So.. from poolside observer 4 years ago so swim partner today.

Building a discourse server

https://meta.discourse.org/t/mentionables/192948 <-- content in OLAC

Position conversations within the OLAC search space.


This might be a way forward to an OAI-PMH repo: https://github.com/discourse/discourse-sitemap another option is to use a query mechanism in the JSON api to get all threads and treat these threads as resources for description. https://meta.discourse.org/t/discourse-rest-api-documentation/22706

I wonder how many layers a tag-group can have... https://docs.discourse.org/#tag/Tags/operation/updateTagGroup


Limited protection in IP law to encourage green innovation

I wonder if there's a way to limit patent or copyright protection for products that are not made from green materials, where the product could be made from a green material. For example, chopsticks.

The chopsticks in the photo are plastic and silicone. These could be made from wood and maybe a metal clip. It would serve the same function and likely have a similar functional product life. I wonder if there were an intellectual property rights protections carve-out if it would discourage the use of materials in product types which do not degrade gracefully. In this way does the law facilitate and reward inventions which complement environmental life-cycles, or does the law facilitate the consumerism which leads to the great pacific garbage patch?

Definitely a boy

This morning while changing Hugh V’s diaper, I said:” now we have to wipe that pee off so the skin doesn’t hurt later”. Hugh V says: “do we need ahh cream (diaper rash paste)?” To which I replied:”no, we need a little boy who puts his pee in the potty.” To which he replied:” well, I’m definitely a little boy.”

Updating Linux

The time has come to update from wasta 16.04 to something newer.

The reasons I'm dissuaded are that things have been stable for almost 7 years.

  • I'm not sure what will break.
  • I'm not sure which applications I don't want anymore.
  • I have several programs that require custom install. These include:

  • xlingpaper - which is fine

  • zotero – which is working on the new version.
  • kla which is a custom headache
  • unicode tools written in perl which is a custom headache.
  • GrassGIS which I rarely use.
  • My installed version of Hugo
  • My installed version of GoLang

Why I need to move.

  • I need to use obsidian and the snap package won't work.
  • Chromium is out of date.
  • slack is out of date and not updating.
  • Browser based warnings that I am using an old browser on some websites/services.
  • JuypterStudio / tools wont run

I want to get rid of:

  • Rstudio
  • Anaconda
  • brew

I'm thinking about following these instructions:

Before I do that I need to bet a list of the various software I have installed:

Export list of installed programs and install them on another computer (Ubuntu)


and follow: https://askubuntu.com/a/353004/1661518


OK I did update on may 29th... it took 10 hours. Now I'm sorting out all the visual theme stuff I lost in the process something about unity vs gnome. Chromium updated fine, brave installs. I had to uninstall vivaldi, and signal Tom get the upgrade to work. Obsidian and slack now work. There is the question on if i should just move up the ladder to 22.04.

LaMeta entrance screen

This is the opening screen in Lameta

I'm trying the newly available snap package for LaMeta... My first reaction upon hearing that Nathan Marti had ported the software to Linux was Great! Snap installed no problem and the software came alive. The challenge I see with the start up screen is that there is no Privacy Policy and no indication on what Personally Identifying Information will be collected by the application and who will have access to it, when they will have access to it, and for how long. Colorado, where the main developer lives has a Privacy Law, GDPR applies in the countries of some of the software's funders. However, more than legal compliance (which may include the information in the deposits), a policy which applies to the software users would be helpful... I just wanted to test out the software, not give my personal information to some unknown machine.