Spatial Coverage on the OLAC network

The issues is that OLAC and these other uses of Dublin Core don't agree in the semantics of spatial coverage.,the%20focus%20of%20an%20activity.

Critical question here, is one where we ask: "what do English think geography is for language?"

Thinking deeply about:

OLAC spelling mistakes

I wonder how many spelling mistakes we can find in various records in OALC... This is a great reason for OLAC to retain the kind of language the record is in.

Spell Checking Your Programming from the Linux Command Line

Install with my blog workflow:

other options:

OLAC data quality investigator

On the flight back from Finland I found it challenging to use my laptop and pulled out my scratch pad to draw out some ideas I was having. One of those ideas was an idea for a record quality investigator. A tool which lets one investigator the presence or absence of features or sets of features in a record or set of records. The goal is to look for any patterns in the records which might be interesting and notable.

What follows are my written notes.

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OLAC Validator Custom Messages

OLAC Validator custom messages can be created following these steps:

This is the software it uses for its validator: Ideally this would also be containerized with the other parts.

One approach to get this containerized might be to use this script (which is older and linux oriented)

Another option is to use:

If this service were implemented on a new server, with a web-interface we might expect to use a newer HTML front end.

here is what I found via gitub:

Darius looks more promising but neither are "out of the box" tools.

Stack Exchange for Language Resource Archiving

I wonder if it would be productive to have language archive discussions via stack exchange. OLAC implementation, cataloging, and indexing discussions.

1000 questions in 6 months with 70% answers... that means 6 people asking one question a day for 6 months. Do we have that many questions? Do we have that big of a community?