Thoughts on file formats and file names in language documentation projects and archiving

I’ve written about some of these file issues before.

Non-profit organizational structure in Germany

I found the linked descriptions of the different types of non-profit organizations in Germany helpful.

My brief takeaway is that the situation is both similar and different from the US context. In the USA corporate registration is with the state, and then when registered with the state, the organization may also register with the IRS for tax-exempt status under a variety of possible scenarios. In Germany, It becomes important to decide which kind of basic organizational structure one registers for as that determines some of the basic ways the organization must conduct it's business (outside of the public-good qualified work).

Django Zotero options

Nice formatted example:

See code: view-source:

Python API wrapper:

A library-ish app that imports zotero things:

Look more at this:

and much more at this: <-- this one is needs forked.

Serial and series

In looking at OLAC records for serials and series the previous distinction is made in MARC and RDA but not in DC. But it could be and if so, then what needs to be considered?

What is "OLAC Core" >>