Django Zotero options

Nice formatted example:

See code: view-source:

Python API wrapper:

A library-ish app that imports zotero things:

Look more at this:

and much more at this: <-- this one is needs forked.

Serial and series

In looking at OLAC records for serials and series the previous distinction is made in MARC and RDA but not in DC. But it could be and if so, then what needs to be considered?

What is "OLAC Core" >>

language development platform service

  • Reqire safe and legal documentation before enabling cloning. Target language communities and back OLAC in.

Needs a Zenodo connection and TeX rendering

should compare with gitlab

Python + Mysql

Re-implementing the OLAC validator

The OLAC validator runs off of an unit of software which has the heartbleed security vulnerability. Thinking about implementing a validator the following software comes to mind. There was also an Online OAI-PMH validator from a former engineer on the Europeana project. I think he is based in Greece. His solution is not open source, but he mentioned that he would consider adding the OLAC profile.

It would be good to see what other OAI-PMH validators look like and how submitters expect to interact with them.; ;;

OAI-PMH in golang

I was looking at the maturity of golang for data science and for projects in goLang which enable the interaction with OAI-PMH feeds. In my case working with XML is fairly important. I don't see in this XML example how to extract attributes and put those in the struct.

Building a discourse server

pfaffman/discourse-doi-resolver <-- content in OLAC

Position conversations within the OLAC search space.

This might be a way forward to an OAI-PMH repo: another option is to use a query mechanism in the JSON api to get all threads and treat these threads as resources for description.

I wonder how many layers a tag-group can have...

Legal and privacy considerations:

Your Discourse forum and the GDPR

Import from other discourse instances:

Self-hosting, self-managed, hosted, serviced,


Discourse Hosting Plans and Pricing

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