Need to Add LREC Workshops to

From time to time I need to reference Heidi Johnson's work published as part of the LREC workshops in 2002 and 2006 under the title: "International Workshop on Resources and Tools in Field Linguistics". The papers never got hosted on the official LREC website. Rather the papers were hosted on the MPI website.

Who do I talk to about getting these papers into the database of papers. They would get the attention they need in that paper repository.

Re-implementing the OLAC validator

The OLAC validator runs off of an unit of software which has the heartbleed security vulnerability. Thinking about implementing a validator the following software comes to mind. There was also an Online OAI-PMH validator from a former engineer on the Europeana project. I think he is based in Greece. His solution is not open source, but he mentioned that he would consider adding the OLAC profile.

It would be good to see what other OAI-PMH validators look like and how submitters expect to interact with them.; ;;

DSpace and Dataverse have a bug in Parsing OLAC XML

I read tonight about a bug in Xoai a foundational library for DSpace and Dataverse which uses lxml lib for parsing.

Since the OLAC XML implementation of OAI-PMH requires the use of an XSI element it seems that the bug defined here and discussed here would apply