Lidl in New York

Lidl is one of those low cost groceries in Europe which is trying to exercise its brand in the United States.

My experience with Lidl is that its product line is not all that great.

Most chocolate bars in the dark chocolate area have “chocolate liqueur” rather than cocoa as its ingredient.

When I looked at its granola options each granola had high fructose corn syrup as an ingredient.

Finally, we bought a can of black peas and sixty percent of the can was water.

In the USA Lidl as experienced in New York may be a low cost grocery, but it is also a low value product line.

Food containers

I have noticed the proliferation of plastic food containers recently. Sometimes there are even multiple layers of plastic encasing food goods. The whole situation is endemic to the international commercial practices around food sales. I seem to remember more glass containers when I was a kid… but that may just be me.

The recent discussion about PFAS chemicals has me wondering how many of these chemicals are used in food packaging?what are our products shipped in?

Has anyone noticed how they pack those organic foods into PFAS coated containers?

Why did these olives need to be sold in a plastic bag rather than a glass jar?

Chocolate Log

Not all chocolates are created equal. This trip has had some which are better than others. This is an opinionated evaluation of dark chocolate. Usually about 54% or 56% dark.

Store brand from delhaze in Belgium.

This one from Belgium tasted great. I rank it a 4 out of 5. it had great taste but lacked just slightly on the cocoa butter content.

From migros in Switzerland.

This was a 2 out of 5. Would not buy again or recommend.

From chocolate shop in Brussels.

This was at least a 4.6 out of 5 and worth taking back to the states.

Migros low end store brand.

This was the same as Frey in a different wrapping.

My long time favorite bar has been Ja! By ReWe, a German grocery… I have heard that it is actually made by nestle. And is certainly a 5 of 5.

Long time favorite.

What I learned from fasting

My wife has been fasting off and on for a few years. It has been inspiring. I finally tried it. Friday night to Monday night nothing but salt and water. Here are some things I learned.

A pinch of salt when stomach cravings happen, make the feelings go away. I felt as if my stomach was full the whole time.

I didn’t really have any headaches and stomachaches like I did in Highschool. In Highschool I didn’t know about salt and I was biking 10 miles a day.

My stomach, back, and internals felt better with less in them. Granted I’m a bit over weight for my height and muscle composition at 200lbs.

My dad did fasting when I was in Highschool. It is probably what kept him alive. When he quit fasting he gained weight and then had a heart attack and died.

When reintroducing food to the GI track it can be painful. It makes me wonder if fasting is the normal state. If it is, then our culture is upside-down.

I’m keen to try this again for longer. But my todo list need larger margins. Where I don’t have to be all over the place.