AI and Society

I have been reflecting on how our environment is shaped by algorithms. We are presented options via algorithms (in cases like direct marketing). We are sometimes subject to the impacts of automation systems such as systems in California which assign the possibility of bail based an algorithmic assessment of the case file.

In an AI based culture we can’t control the AI based nature of those things reported around us(variable prices or news articles), but we can focus our relationships on those around us. The question of social importance is where does the AI influence us in the decision making process? The problem in legal frameworks are that the decision processes are directed graphs with bounded options. However we are not bounded in our decision making as individuals. That is, AI may not actually be more equitable or just than a human decision maker.

In a sense then to reduce decisions to AI decision makers is to show a certain amount of apathy.

Font queries

What do I want to do?

In the context of a pipeline I want to test a font against an known orthography version to know if it will support the orthography.

To that end here is a start:

Another interesting site is: It provides information from the metadata. Is list the languages it supports. But I wonder, what does "language support" or "supported languages" mean in these contexts? Where do the list of languages come from? Where are these languages' requirements cataloged?

Making a Violin

I was looking up some resources for making a violin in my area. Violinorum says there are three, one in salem and two in portland. I want to make three violins.

And then of course there is the bow making too.

couple of articles:

Timothy 5:xx

Paul is writing Timothy. I interpreted text as theoretical. Paul lays out some classes (groups) and some ways to define those classes. However, what if these abstract ways are really an abstract (depersonalized) way of describing a specific situation. Then when Timothy receives the letter the advice is specific, it is actionable, and clear.

Python traps

From time to time, I read about the advancement of pythons in the Florida Everglades. Pythons are an introduced species without a predator in this context. This is deemed to be bad for biodiversity in the region. It is also predicted that the population will continue to expand north. One thing I haven’t read about is the use of traps based on pheromone attraction. It seems that such traps could work for snakes of a specific gender.