Plastic in sawdust

As woodworkers, we use a lot of resins, plastics, and other synthetic materials which get filed, ground, shaved, or sanded, along with wood and disposed of along with sawdust.

This means that woodworkers in their modern art context often contribute to the production and proliferation of microplastics. It also means that the “sawdust” isn’t 100% biodegradable.

What methods are there at the individual workshop level to filter it these plastics from biodegradable materials?

Making a Violin

I was looking up some resources for making a violin in my area. Violinorum says there are three, one in salem and two in portland. I want to make three violins.

And then of course there is the bow making too.

couple of articles:

Fixing Brio

My parents got my brother and I Brio trains around 1984. Over the years some of those pieces broke and were repaired. Some of them got additional shades of pigment added. They survived through seven kids and now my two kids. Well almost survived.

Undoing previous repairs

Today I repaired three pieces by adding pegs. I made the pegs by drilling a 3/8” hole in a wooden ball I bought from a craft store. Then I glued in a dowel from the hardware store. Next I sanded the tip flat. Then I sanded the circumference of the ball to give clearance on the sides. Then I pre-drilled the track portion and dry-fit the pegs measuring the amount I needed both in the track and for appropriate connection to the next track piece. I then cut the dowel to proper size. Finally I glued the peg in with wood glue.

Dry-fit for usability.
Three fixed pieces

Building a marble run

I finished the first couple marble run blocks this week. Introduced them to see how the play factor would work. A little bit advanced for my audience. But still interested in them.

CA glue…

This is my first project with CA glue. I have a set of shelves in a dark hallway. My idea is to add LEDs as under lit area under each shelf. The task has been to embed the LEDs in the wood shelf. And then to cover them with plexiglass. Are used CA glue to attach the plexiglass to the finished wood shelves.

One thing I did not know about CA glue was how it’s offgassing would etch the plexiglass. This seems to be corrected if we use the CA glue curing excelerator.

CNC Laser

Continuing on my thoughts about woodworking, I was looking at laser engraved wood and CNC machines. Here are a couple of DIY videos from YouTube.

There is a company here in Eugene which specializes in this.

Here is a DIY project page:

It also seems that andrio or bananna pi are also used.

Life drainers…

I have been struggling for the last few months with an addiction... an IKEA addiction. An addition that I am not sure I was completely responsible for creating, but more on that later.

It is a habit which, I really had to learn the hard way, that I needed to kick. Here is my problem: Their product line has a really powerful draw. Their products all look like they fit together (with each other). This gives the impression of harmony. Meanwhile many of their products look like they are minimalistic in design. That is, they are smooth and sexy and and visually simplistic. I say look minimalistic, because most of the products from IKEA have a well designed (short) life span. That is, the products simply do not last beyond the first intended use - and this is by design. The way I understand the product is that in the IKEA business model, the products are not what create the business money, rather it is the service of distributing the products which is viewed as the money maker. So, the business metrics are set up as: "How many products do I distribute?", not "How products do I sell?". While both metics are important, The first puts an importance on the distribution, the second puts an emphasis on the monetary value of the sale, or the value of a lasting product (value presented to the customer). This is why I suggest that the IKEA product's life cycle is also designed. I have had to learn that the hard way. I like the look, but beyond that "IKEA life" seems to be designed to bring the customer into a consumer relationship with IKEA, such that the customer must buy multiple products due to short life spans. Consider the difference between the IKEA Expedit series and their KALLAX series (several differences are exposited well by Peter Robinson). Expedit was a series with solid construction and a production run of several decades. However, The Expedit product had a fantastic secondary market because they lasted and were hearty. The Expedit series was replaced by KALLAX. A less hearty, physically lighter product series.

Consider the following review from YouTube.

From a management perspective, IKEA has applied design principles not only to the product but also to the acquisition process and to the life cycle of the product. They have put new design requirements on the life span, causing a redesign of the product. In a way, this de-emphasizes the product and elevates the need for service mechanism of delivering the product - The service has been assessed and re-designed. For a good book about applying these principals to your business read: Service Design Thinking. Or for a quick check Service Design look at Wikipedia.

My distain for IKEA rivals my distain for Facebook. They also have an interesting product, but one is never sure where the platform is going. This makes the product life span (as a user understands it) quite susceptible to uncertainty. Apple products could also be similarly considered to have gone through this design phase. Consider when Apple started soldering RAM to the motherboard (because their secondary market has been limited by making certain parts "non-upgradable").

I have been plotting my escape from life drainers. This means that I need to be able to find solutions elsewhere with other products. I think I found my solution to the IKEA wormhole on a DIY site or two: , and

There are several projects I have been looking at doing. One is a shoe rack for my front door area. These sites were a good place to get ideas and example plans - to see how things go together. Another project in progress is a coffee table on casters for my living room.

Shoe Racks

Coffee Table

Dinning room table

Laundry Basket solution

kitchen Ideas

Other Stuff

Some interesting links about Apple and design:
These are here because I talk about Apple designing the life cycle of their products. I don't link to them because they are not a major thrust of this post.