Definitely a boy

This morning while changing Hugh V’s diaper, I said:” now we have to wipe that pee off so the skin doesn’t hurt later”. Hugh V says: “do we need ahh cream (diaper rash paste)?” To which I replied:”no, we need a little boy who puts his pee in the potty.” To which he replied:” well, I’m definitely a little boy.”

Updating Linux

The time has come to update from wasta 16.04 to something newer.

The reasons I'm dissuaded are that things have been stable for almost 7 years.

  • I'm not sure what will break.
  • I'm not sure which applications I don't want anymore.
  • I have several programs that require custom install. These include:

  • xlingpaper - which is fine

  • zotero – which is working on the new version.
  • kla which is a custom headache
  • unicode tools written in perl which is a custom headache.
  • GrassGIS which I rarely use.
  • My installed version of Hugo
  • My installed version of GoLang

Why I need to move.

  • I need to use obsidian and the snap package won't work.
  • Chromium is out of date.
  • slack is out of date and not updating.
  • Browser based warnings that I am using an old browser on some websites/services.
  • JuypterStudio / tools wont run

I want to get rid of:

  • Rstudio
  • Anaconda
  • brew

I'm thinking about following these instructions:

Before I do that I need to bet a list of the various software I have installed:

Export list of installed programs and install them on another computer (Ubuntu)

and follow:

OK I did update on may 29th... it took 10 hours. Now I'm sorting out all the visual theme stuff I lost in the process something about unity vs gnome. Chromium updated fine, brave installs. I had to uninstall vivaldi, and signal Tom get the upgrade to work. Obsidian and slack now work. There is the question on if i should just move up the ladder to 22.04.

LaMeta entrance screen

This is the opening screen in Lameta

I'm trying the newly available snap package for LaMeta... My first reaction upon hearing that Nathan Marti had ported the software to Linux was Great! Snap installed no problem and the software came alive. The challenge I see with the start up screen is that there is no Privacy Policy and no indication on what Personally Identifying Information will be collected by the application and who will have access to it, when they will have access to it, and for how long. Colorado, where the main developer lives has a Privacy Law, GDPR applies in the countries of some of the software's funders. However, more than legal compliance (which may include the information in the deposits), a policy which applies to the software users would be helpful... I just wanted to test out the software, not give my personal information to some unknown machine.

Material Types in Library Science and OLAC Types

One of the frequent things I hear about OLAC is a critique of its Resource Type vocabulary. The OLAC application profile adds linguistics resource types in addition to DCMITypes and an unqualified DC type value. What I don't hear from these same cries for additional descriptive power is for a structured way to use any of the existing resource type vocabularies. Let me list a few:

It has been argued that the Dublin Core Type field is an example of a genre field. This may be true in some sense, but I have a tendency to think of it in terms of an interactivity type field; more of a modality field.

New Chevy Bolt EUV

We newly acquired a Chevy Bolt EUV. It seems to present a very nice driving experience. One minor thing that I think the designers overlooked. When using Apple play, the fonts in the iPhone support a wide range of Unicode (as demonstrated by my phone's name in the first image). Apple play in the car's display unit also supports a similar range Unicode (second image). However, the screen of the drivers dash does not support the same set of characters (third image). It is quite common for fonts to replace the characters they don't contain with boxes. I encountered this issue with US based automobile manufacturers' media console displays in Nigeria when people were playing songs with titles in arabic script.

Two other user experience issues:

  1. My wife raises the seat and it didn't automatically lower when I get in. Every time I get in with her seat height I knock my head and it kills my neck out.
  2. When I am in the front passenger seat and the car is off, and the driver is out of the car, I can not turn on the air conditioning.