BCP-47 and sign languages

For the purposes of tagging language resources By language, when a language code for a sign language is used is the default assumption that the language resource is in the visual/video modality, rather than the textual format? Or is BCP-47 agnostic to these assumptions of modality? For the purposes of ANIA repository of tags, is there a specified suffix for the written modality of sign languages?

What is the case for Brail? Is there a script tag for brail? (Yes there is). But the orthographic representation in brail is still ambiguous.

iOS mail app and UNT

It seems that iOS mail app does not work with the UNT servers. This seems to be an overgeneralization. I contacted UNT helpdesk for assistance. I set up my account correctly and then it downloaded one message which stated that the service was blocked on my device. So account creation was successful, but there is something on their end... The UNT help desk was unhelpful in that they couldn't tell me anything except that "sometimes the mail app doesn't work with our servers, we recommend using the outlook app". Well it does work, else I wouldn't have successfully downloaded the email message saying I was blocked...

The best guess I can come up with is that older versions of mail app in iOS are blocked because they have a security flaw in them or UNT has middleware deployed on its ActiveSync connections.

Montana Taxes

Becky and I have been looking at Property Taxes in Montana to better understand the variation in the system there.

Like Texas, they have fluctuating tax amounts based on real market value. Properties are appraised every two years. Property Taxes unlike in Oregon which pre-pays them, are paid in arrears in Montana.



I first traveled through Montana in 2005. I liked it then and liked it now.
"Homesteading" is interesting, but not really our thing at this point in our lives. The tax law doesn't really help prospectors to "grab" land and then hold them.

Some interesting concepts which are unique to Montana are explained here:

In addition to property taxes Montana has Mills. https://madisoncountymt.gov/208/Millage-Rate-Explained

Role and options of delinquent taxes seems to not be straight forward.

Climbing in and around Kalispell

Trying to find some good climbing around Kalispell. https://www.mountainproject.com/area/119204876/stryker-crags






Companies in the scene:



Indoor gyms in Montana: https://www.indoorclimbing.com/montana.html http://www.xtraactionsports.com/rock-climbing-walls/montana-rock-climbing-walls.htm https://www.umt.edu/crec/Outdoor/wall.php

the UMT wall is between 30' and 50' high and about 38' wide with about 7000 sq ft of climbing surface.

New laundry center

We’re looking to put in a new laundry center. This is the before shots.

Side view
Under the sink
Concept plans

Ejector pump notes, we have the 404 model, but the outstanding question is will it be strong enough to push a washing machine's worth of water up 10 feet in the air at the speed that a washing machine drains?:

Tentative Washer:

  • Washer H: 80 in (combined with Dryer)
  • Washer W: 27 in
  • Washer D: 30 in

Tentative Dryer:

  • Washer H: 80 in (combined with Dryer)
  • Washer W: 28 in
  • Washer D: 35 in

Tentative Dishwasher: Amana 24 in. White Front Control Built-In Tall Tub Dishwasher

  • Dishwasher H: 34 in
  • Dishwasher W: 24 in
  • Dishwasher D: 24 in

One Piece: 75H

Ideal Dishwasher.

Possible Dishwasher

Finally in the building phase…

Covered wall
Behind the wall
Walls going in.
1/16 inch clearance.
Finally done.

Climbing Wall Resources

For years my go-to resource for all things climbing has been Atomik. Atomik has won awards for their service and does great business. However, I am judicious when on how I spend my dollars. So, sometimes I look around for other kinds of deals.

I find bolts cheaper here: https://www.fastenersolutions.com/11205-p-102.html 5/16-18 X 1-1/4 Alloy Socket Head Cap Screw

From time to time I seem to get a hankering to build a climbing gym. I built one for my little girl and one for her cuisines.

Here are some links for the supplies I find necessary.

But I think that fastenal might have bolts cheaper

I also have gotten t-nuts cheaper elsewhere, but I can't remember where.

Sentinel Hanger