MIT-Harvard Model Open Access Policy

This afternoon I had a consultation with a UO librarian and the issue of Open Access Policy and Ownership came up. This librarian was very helpful in pointing me to some of the discussion terms for Copyright Policy and Open Access Policy. They pointed me to as well as to something called the "MIT-Harvard Model Open Access Policy". The UO model is the inverse of the MIT Policy in some regards. I take note of this with interest as as I was part of SIL's Copyright Policy Committee...

Tuition costs for undergraduates at WOU and UO

This week I was looking at undergraduate tuition rates at Western Oregon University and the University of Oregon. Finding these resources was a challenge, either UO hides the information, or they have really bad SEO.

Resident $236.34 $194.00
Nonresident $565.61 $638.00
Tuition costs for one credit hour. Sources: WOU | UO

UNT IT help desk and Virtualization Service

Initial Request on 16 OCT 2022

Initial Request on 16 OCT 2022

Reply the Next Day with my follow-up response.

Second Response of the same confusion.

Four rounds of this nonsense... please just read my message.

Then they sent me the questionnaire for the satisfaction survey.

Well, are you happy?

Umm, NO. Not happy. Please read my messages when I send them.

Then they marked it resolved... without any resolution!

Finally two days later, someone replies...

Two days later: "Oh we have a different virtualization service through the business school!

Can your service do what I need it to do?

With all the gusto of "Let's go down the rabbit hole again and contact a new IT department", I reached out to the Citrix service manager. However, contrary to initial expectations, I found that I was corresponding with a responsive and well informed person who could make things happen if all the boxes on his checklist were filled... only they the boxes still are not filled.

Let's get all the stakeholders involved...

And so there it is... UNT, the school which is not in want of defined process. It is a well managed school.

Dublin Core in HTML pages

Dublin Core is sometimes inserted into in the HTML header for search engine optimization purposes. I am very curious to know which search engine are being optimized for with the inclusion of DC metadata in the HTML header. Google clearly sates they don't use keywords anymore. Some argue that dublin core tags are different than keywords and therefore google might still be using them. As far as I know the specifics are a trade secret that Google hasn't made public. If anyone knows more on this please let me know in the comments.

I do know that Google's search engine runs via a different bot and crawl process and does use some DC tags for identification. They have a sub-dialect of tags and have added some non-standard (not true dublin core) tags to what they expect. — how rude and presumptuous of Google... But Google Scholar is the only search engine I know about looking for Dublin Core metadata in HTML. If anyone knows of another one I'm very keen to know about it.

Bing sunset their academic/scholar service. My understanding is that when it was running, it was just one bot that crawled the data and then they filtered the single crawl to create the academic materials product this is a different approach than Google is taking.

Here are some interesting links on Dublin Core in the headers: