Platform tools for OAI harvesting

So, in recent OLAC presentation I talked about enabling Omeka or Drupal via recipes for OAI harvesting. Here is some links to internet chatter on these issues.


enable Items in KOHA OAI Harvesting


Day 13: Harvest data with OAI-PMH

WordPress and Drupal

Creating an OAI-PMH Feed From Your Website




Is HTML5 a subset of SGML?

One of the lectures in my courses had me asking the following question: Is HTML5 a subset of SGML?

I did a little googling. Here are the links I found most relevant. Maybe someday I will write my own opinion on the topic... The short answer is that HTML5 became an abstract language with two modes of instantiation. One is XML valid (and hence SGML), the other is not SGML valid.


Woodworking Links

I have a bit of a woodworking business.

here are some links I've been collecting. I have been looking for a brand.

Custom Branding Iron / Multi-Use

Long Cheese Slicer Assembly Kit