MIT-Harvard Model Open Access Policy

This afternoon I had a consultation with a UO librarian and the issue of Open Access Policy and Ownership came up. This librarian was very helpful in pointing me to some of the discussion terms for Copyright Policy and Open Access Policy. They pointed me to as well as to something called the "MIT-Harvard Model Open Access Policy". The UO model is the inverse of the MIT Policy in some regards. I take note of this with interest as as I was part of SIL's Copyright Policy Committee...

Which license and why?

It occurs to me that every time a new license is produced it is done as a response to a social context. That is, society has delivered a certain set of norms or reactions to existing ownership and licensing practices. It also occurs to me that with each new license created that there is an increased availability of licensing options to potential license users. Inherently this means that any given license should be expected to be used less with the release of a new licenses. I wonder if there is a way to plot the use of licenses, and the growth rate of new licenses.