Swimming and not

Being a solo parent is hard. Sometimes it can mean taking your kids with you to do the thing you do.

I Swim in the mornings to keep my sanity. But this means figuring out what my little girl can do without me while I swim. One particular cold morning I helped her with her bag of things to do including drawing and music and my warm sleeping bag.

Katja and her things
Frozen deck at the pool.

Great Resources for Property owners in Eugene Oregon

There are at least three resources for records on real estate properties in Eugene (though there could be more as well). These three are

  1. Eugene City Records
  2. Lane County Records
  3. Eweb Records

Eweb is the local electricity, water, and sewage provider.

Useful links for public information

There are a couple of things to check, these include any open permits at either the county or the city, an closed permits (to know what improvements were actually permitted), past ownership of the property and what was paid for the property (sales history), any deed restrictions, and any social history of the property.

City Pointers

General Pointers

  • City records are generally organized by address.
  • County records are generally organized by map & taxlot number.
  • I have found this blog article generally informative: https://craigtomlinson.biz/2013/03/04/buying-and-selling-duplexes-in-eugene-springfield-lane-county-oregon
  • One way to indirectly evaluate contractors is to look at their closure rates on city permits. That is, how many permits have they successfully closed and is that typical for a contractor? How many have they left open?
  • Past sales: http://lcmaps.lanecounty.org/lanecountymaps/propertysales/index.html?esearch=1803054300400&slayer=0&exprnum=3
  • Zoning: http://lcmaps.lanecounty.org/LaneCountyMaps/ZoneAndPlanMapsApp/index.html?esearch=1803054300400&slayer=0&maptype=WL

Reading tax records and RLID

  • When reading the building classification code this PDF explains the codes used.

Generally helpful documents if leasing your home in Eugene

  • https://www.eugene-or.gov/845/Rental-Housing-Code
  • ORS CH 90