Plastic in sawdust

As woodworkers, we use a lot of resins, plastics, and other synthetic materials which get filed, ground, shaved, or sanded, along with wood and disposed of along with sawdust.

This means that woodworkers in their modern art context often contribute to the production and proliferation of microplastics. It also means that the “sawdust” isn’t 100% biodegradable.

What methods are there at the individual workshop level to filter it these plastics from biodegradable materials?

Food containers

I have noticed the proliferation of plastic food containers recently. Sometimes there are even multiple layers of plastic encasing food goods. The whole situation is endemic to the international commercial practices around food sales. I seem to remember more glass containers when I was a kid… but that may just be me.

The recent discussion about PFAS chemicals has me wondering how many of these chemicals are used in food packaging?what are our products shipped in?

Has anyone noticed how they pack those organic foods into PFAS coated containers?

Why did these olives need to be sold in a plastic bag rather than a glass jar?