BibTex Materials in XML Markup

It seems that BibTeX materials can be written as XML.

Here are some resources I found on this:

  • a python2 script:
  • an overview presentation:
  • Software Package:
  • Prior research:
  • maybe some XSLT files:

Hugo and XML

I did not know that Hugo could query XML...

I discovered this.... this is in fact really exciting news.

Three tools for study:


XML formats for publishing

  1. TEI based XML format at DHQ. Documentation.
  2. JATS based XML at de Gruyter and tons of other publishers.
  3. DocBook and Balisage-1.3 at Balisage. Example
  4. XLingPaper XML

JATS in multilingual books:


Interesting examples:

Excel, XML, and CSV

I never thought the day would come when I would say that I wished that I had a Windows version of MS Excel. I am simply aghast. But never-the-less I have been looking for an XML parsing solution for OS X and can not find one which is graphically oriented.

I want to move certain XML encoded content to my blog and the best way (that I can figure) to do this is to import CSV files (although there is a WordPress plugin for importing XML).

I want to be able to do this, but the Mac version of Excel does not do this:

I really want to drag and drop, but this tutorial makes it look easy-ish to do at the command line.

What am I Using this for? Well I would like to use it with itunes XML, Endnote XML, Bookpedia XML, BibTeXXML, SIL-OLAC data as XML, WorldCat Data as XML? Glotalogue data as XML.

Audio Dominant Texts and Text Dominant Audio

As linguistics and language documentation interface with digital humanities there has been a lot of effort to time-align texts and audio/video materials. At one level this is rather trivial to do and has the backing of comercial media processes like subtitles in movies. However, at another level this task is often done in XML for every project (digital corpus curation) slightly differently. At the macro-scale the argument is that if the annotation of the audio is in XML and someone wants to do something else with it, then they can just convert the XML to whatever schema they desire. This is true.

However, one antidotal point that I have not heard in discussion of time aligned texts is specifications for Audio Dominant Text vs. Text Dominant Audio. This may not initially seem very important, so let me explain what I mean.
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