ut-ma’in PhD idea

Research idea for gel - PhD????

Use DDP for dictionary development project, use data to explore semantic distinctions of noun classes

run a DDP workshop for Nig Group

Invite gel, dud, dri and others to participate - could do comparative analysis of noun class semantic distinctions of the three closely related languages.

Plenty of data, compare to semantic domain classification of Ron Moe's work

Keith mentioned semantic analysis as topic for Dissertation following the description I did for MA @ UND

Larin interested in overlap of grammar and semantics... when do the semantics of the noun class over rule "universals"? ID semantic lines visible by division of nouns into classes

Outcomes - start of dictionary for multiple related languages

Issues - who would process all that data??????Does Nig Group have a Lexicography specialist?

What would SOAS think of this in terms of language documentation