Chepang Bibliography

While doing my thesis I also was working on a Chepang Bibliography.

some leftover links to include are: Unkown resource.
Chepang text: Descriptive, Personal Jungle encounters Introduction & set 1

Gurung, Tamang, Thakali, Sherpa, and Chepang prosodies (82 items)

Clause, sentence, and discourse patterns in selected languages of Nepal 4: Word lists

Bibliography notes:

ELAR roles and OLAC

While doing my Masters Thesis, I took a look at the contributor roles declared for various works. One thing I noticed is that even though Stuart McGill contributed two corpora to ELAR when these corpora get translated to OALC the translation mucks the metadata so that only one resource shows up with his name.

I asked the archive director about this and my understanding/recollection from that conversation is that metadata was piped through the TLA. I think the above record was also at the preveious link... but it doesn't resolve currently and there have been technology stack changes at ELAR since my Thesis was released. Here is the interface in the Internet Archive for a different record.;jsessionid=00127741134CA14440824DA736655134?0&openhandle=2196/00-0000-0000-0012-D580-4

Massively Multi-lingual Medical Mayhem

When COVID-2020 started making its rounds, a particular NGO started translating a short phrase, but as I watched their progress it became clear that some issues are not perceivable in text alone. Culture bounds the concepts needed inhibiting the broad application of machine learning and machine traslation.

Leftover links on Philippine area research from 2020

In 2020 I was looking at some Philippine language issues in and the following is a list of links that remained open tabs for two years...

The links related to language planning and the term language development. They also related to Linguistic Cartography of the Philippines and digital libraries.

Map of Mindanao

A google link