Stack Exchange for Language Resource Archiving

I wonder if it would be productive to have language archive discussions via stack exchange. OLAC implementation, cataloging, and indexing discussions.

1000 questions in 6 months with 70% answers... that means 6 people asking one question a day for 6 months. Do we have that many questions? Do we have that big of a community?

OLAC language view pages

There are several views in the OLAC website. Each with specific purposes.

Dublin Core Uses

There are several Dublin Core Uses... but what are the models behind them? Are they the same? Are they different? If they are different then does this mean that Dublin Core is more like a brand name than a metadata standard?


Note that in they use DC1.0

When another application profile "borrows" the DC property/term/element... how do they borrow it?

Cataloging Serials


Topic Modeling in Python

What if my import pd data array was the OLAC metadata schema?

Beginners Guide to Topic Modeling in Python