Resetting OLAC Documentation

OLAC Documentation is a set independently evolving documents with their own version numbers. What if these documents evolved together in sync? would it make the process more manageable? What if the documentation looked different? More like modern documentation?

I like the following document presentation layouts:

Next step is to take the most recent versions of OLAC documents and convert them to markdown. This converter catches all the XML tags while others don't

On the list are:
And each of the extensions.
These need to be cast one way for devs and implementers of technology while another way for managers and archivists.

OLAC Validator Custom Messages

OLAC Validator custom messages can be created following these steps:

This is the software it uses for its validator: Ideally this would also be containerized with the other parts.

One approach to get this containerized might be to use this script (which is older and linux oriented)

Another option is to use:

If this service were implemented on a new server, with a web-interface we might expect to use a newer HTML front end.

here is what I found via gitub:

Darius looks more promising but neither are "out of the box" tools.

Stack Exchange for Language Resource Archiving

I wonder if it would be productive to have language archive discussions via stack exchange. OLAC implementation, cataloging, and indexing discussions.

1000 questions in 6 months with 70% answers... that means 6 people asking one question a day for 6 months. Do we have that many questions? Do we have that big of a community?

OLAC language view pages

There are several views in the OLAC website. Each with specific purposes.