Scotland 2015

I went to Glasgow, Scotland this summer.

While I couldn't go to Edinburgh, it inspired me to do some more research on my family tree.

Links: Monquhitter Parish

  • Monquhitter School on Google Maps

Statistical Account of....

Hugh Paterson (1781) of Edinburgh

This July 7th, Becky and I stepped foot in Edinburgh Scotland. It is kinda surreal with it gray overcast and old architecture. We were there to look into some family history records.

Prior Research

My dad, Hugh Jr. (also son of Hugh Jr.) and his sister took a trip to Scotland some years ago.

The Hugh Jrs (Both were Hugh Jr. and didn't know it.)

The Hugh Jrs (Both were Hugh Jr. and didn't know it. Well the younger one knew he was a Jr.)

Hugh Jr. and Sisters

Hugh Jr., (my dad) and his sisters on their Scotland Trip.

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