Identifying as female

This week Becky called FredMyer and place an order for pickup.

She sent me to pick up the order.

I arrived and called the required number and said that that I was here to pick up the order for Rebecca Paterson.

The order was rather large so the two male clerks came out with the two carts and proceeded to load the content into the minivan. One of the clerks proceeded to verify the content of order with me via his iPad. Several times he asked: “you’re Rebecca Paterson?” So finally I said: “Yes, I’m just not identifying as female today.” “And given the length of my beard, I don’t identify as female most days.”

The beard

Eugene socio-political resources

This is just a list of links to help me keep track of all the different kinds of web resources in Eugene politics. Point of view is not important to this list, and listing is not an endorsement. What is important is that they relate to local government in some way.



Running for office
Petition with the city for office - one needs only 25 signatures
Registering a PAC or candidate committee:
In Oregon one needs to register with the Federal IRS first:
Then register with the state via ORESTAR: Running for office in OregonFor Finances
Find a Financial services solution:

Other links about important discussions



Demand: Trends

Addressing the Housing Crisis in Eugene
How Efficient Is Your Rental?


Missing bear found!

Blue bear, which is actually a dog… has been found. Blue bear is Katja’s special companion. He goes everywhere. Last Sunday he decided to stay the week at South Eugene High. It was a rough week without him — especially at bedtime. Katja would tell us that blue bear was sleeping in his sleeping bag. However, this Sunday he was found and returned! Things are looking up.

Great Resources for Property owners in Eugene Oregon

There are at least three resources for records on real estate properties in Eugene (though there could be more as well). These three are

  1. Eugene City Records
  2. Lane County Records
  3. Eweb Records

Eweb is the local electricity, water, and sewage provider.

Useful links for public information

There are a couple of things to check, these include any open permits at either the county or the city, an closed permits (to know what improvements were actually permitted), past ownership of the property and what was paid for the property (sales history), any deed restrictions, and any social history of the property.

City Pointers

General Pointers

  • City records are generally organized by address.
  • County records are generally organized by map & taxlot number.
  • I have found this blog article generally informative:
  • One way to indirectly evaluate contractors is to look at their closure rates on city permits. That is, how many permits have they successfully closed and is that typical for a contractor? How many have they left open?
  • Past sales:
  • Zoning:

Reading tax records and RLID

  • When reading the building classification code this PDF explains the codes used.

Generally helpful documents if leasing your home in Eugene

  • ORS CH 90

Office Server Now Functioning

One metric to determine how moved I am is when I have set up my server. I have two servers and two Reel-to-Reel machines. Generally my office set-up includes both of these. I basically took them down the week of June 9th when we bought our house in Eugene. Now 244 days later, I was able to turn my MacMini server back on. It has been a while. Hello MacMini - Now just to get you up and running with the latest software...

The Living Room

When we bought our house in June of 2015, we knew there were several thing which needed to be done to make the place livable. One of those was to fix the leak around the chimney into the fireplace area in the living room. The leak was bad enough to cause discoloration, mold and mushrooms to grow. It required pulling down some 50 year old Douglas Fir paneling and finding a replacement. Here are some photos with dates to show how the project proceeded.