Computing Notebook with command line tools

I have been working on several data science projects which use BASH, Perl, golang, Python, sed, grep, and several command line applications. I would like to move these projects over to something like a Juypter notebook. I would like to create a notebook which has access to all the tools in my toolchain or my workflow.

Here are some links I am looking at:





Climbing Kids

I took my kids climbing today. It was an early morning with a 7:15 am departure. Becky was there to cheer us on. Managing two active kids and setting top ropes is just beyond my current capacity. This was Hugh’s first time climbing with ropes. Katja, much more experienced has moved from being satisfied with half an assent to cheering when toping a route.

Publishing on typing analysis

For a while I have been looking for a venue to publish my work on typing analysis. Finally there are some journals for this sort of work.

Linguistic Issues in Language Technology

Journal for Language Technology and Computational Linguistics (JLCL) (requires LaTeX)

NEJLT: Northern European Journal of Language Technology (requires LaTeX)

The Journal of Language Teaching and Technology

Language Learning & Technology (Requires MSWord)