Limited protection in IP law to encourage green innovation

I wonder if there's a way to limit patent or copyright protection for products that are not made from green materials, where the product could be made from a green material. For example, chopsticks.

The chopsticks in the photo are plastic and silicone. These could be made from wood and maybe a metal clip. It would serve the same function and likely have a similar functional product life. I wonder if there were an intellectual property rights protections carve-out if it would discourage the use of materials in product types which do not degrade gracefully. In this way does the law facilitate and reward inventions which complement environmental life-cycles, or does the law facilitate the consumerism which leads to the great pacific garbage patch?

Definitely a boy

This morning while changing Hugh V’s diaper, I said:” now we have to wipe that pee off so the skin doesn’t hurt later”. Hugh V says: “do we need ahh cream (diaper rash paste)?” To which I replied:”no, we need a little boy who puts his pee in the potty.” To which he replied:” well, I’m definitely a little boy.”