Describing Organizations in Dublin Core

Are Organizations "Services" in the DCMIType vocabulary? Can I make an OAI-PMH compliant record representing an organization and what fields would apply?

I would like to describe organizations in Dublin Core. For example those listed here: Is this true for Linguistic Societies?

Is this true for all organizations?

The relevant Organizational role in MARC relators would be:

Secretary [sec]
A person or organization who is a recorder, redactor, or other person responsible for expressing the views of a organization.

Standards body [stn]
An organization responsible for the development or enforcement of a standard.

Jurisdiction governed [jug]
A jurisdiction governed by a law, regulation, etc., that was enacted by another jurisdiction.

Permitting agency [pma]
An organization (usually a government agency) that issues permits under which work is accomplished.

Issuing body [isb]
A person, family or organization issuing a work, such as an official organ of the body.

Degree granting institution [dgg]
A organization granting an academic degree.

Working with Organization Identifiers