Moving Day

Thursday was Moving Day. Well, Packing Day. We had over 200 boxes inventoried and labeled. Many of our friends from church and work came to help us load up the truck. Unfortunately, even with all of that preparatory packing, there were still about 20 boxes and two chests of my stuff that needed to be packed. I need to take a lesson from my bother Jon – purge often and purge a lot – but then he is not the one interested in archiving and content management, I am.

Moving Van via Josh Wagner

A picture of our Moving Van.
Photo Credit: Josh Wagner.

The Bulkhead

The Bulkhead – The use of halogen lights at night in a metal lined room make for some nice shadows.

So on Friday, my friend Jeremy and I finished and put the bulkhead in place. 900 cu. feet – though not completely solid. God is gracious. We originally wanted make Tuesday our pack and leave day, but we were delayed by having to spend an extra two nights in Philly. So, Thursday became the new Tuesday. And God knew what he was doing – it has been cooler temperatures these last few days. I do not feel like our stuff will bake in the truck.

Balsa Wood Model Airplanes

I have tried my hand at a few model airplanes. I really like the detail, planing, engineering and creativity required to build models. The first model airplane that I build was a balsa wood piper cub. I was just out of first grade. My dad guided me in the production of this plane (or maybe I was assisting him…). We cut the wood from the designs. We glued with pins in a tack board. We doped the tissue paper. Continue reading