Better Extended Live Archives

A long time a go, when WordPress was young (like version 1.5), And K2 was young. There was a plugin called Extended Live Archive (ELA).

I love the organization that this plugin gave to a bolg’s entries. It is still my preferred presentation of posts on a blog. Over the years all the software has developed K2 is now in version 1.0.3, WordPress is in version 3.0 and ELA has become Better Extended Live Archive (BELA) thanks to Charles

Here is a series of links – in no particular order – which talk about the development of ELA.


I have had a problem with how BELA Presents the entries by Date:

Better Live Archives by Date

Better Live Archives By Date

Notice how all the blog entires at the bottom are displayed on top of each other.
I can not figure out how to un-do that.

Notice also in the following two pictures of the sort by Tags and sort by Category list the entries are not displayed on top of each other.

Better Live Archives By Tag

Better Live Archives By Tag

Better Live Archives By Category

Better Live Archives By Category

For checking this live: you can look at the archive. This has been checked in several browsers:

  • Safari
  • Flock
  • Firefox
  • Cruz

All to no avail. (That is it does not appear to be a Browser based issue.)

The Offending Element:


Things to Change per Charles.