Chocolate Log

Not all chocolates are created equal. This trip has had some which are better than others. This is an opinionated evaluation of dark chocolate. Usually about 54% or 56% dark.

Store brand from delhaze in Belgium.

This one from Belgium tasted great. I rank it a 4 out of 5. it had great taste but lacked just slightly on the cocoa butter content.

From migros in Switzerland.

This was a 2 out of 5. Would not buy again or recommend.

From chocolate shop in Brussels.

This was at least a 4.6 out of 5 and worth taking back to the states.

Migros low end store brand.

This was the same as Frey in a different wrapping.

My long time favorite bar has been Ja! By ReWe, a German grocery… I have heard that it is actually made by nestle. And is certainly a 5 of 5.

Long time favorite.