The story goes, I was two years old and my dad put me in a life jacket and tossed into the middle of the pool and told me to swim to the edge. They say that my mother stood to the side panicked, but my dad was full of confidence that I was up to the task. To this day I still get up early in the morning to go swimming when I can. There’s something exhausting and refreshing about being in the pool. Today, I bought Katja a life jacket and took her to the pool for the first time in Eugene. We’ve been to a pool once before and shop housing when she was about 18 months old. Now that she is 21 months old, she loves going down the waterslide, she kicks her legs when I hold her trying to teach her how to swim, and she loves jumping off the edge into the water!

Strawberry picking

As an anniversary of last year, and the strawberry picking wonderfulness I took Katja back to the Strawberry Fields. This year with the impending departure to Nigeria we picked significantly less fruit.

It’s always interesting watching learning take place. After strawberry picking we played on the playground for a bit. She loves the tall slides. There is no fear. At the end when it was time to go home, I told her that it was the last one and that we wouldn’t be going again and then she wanted to go again. She ran over to the latter I told her to come back because we were leaving. In that moment she had a choice to either come with me or to go up the ladder. It took a bit of internal reasoning but eventually she decided to come with me.