Miller Place Starbucks

Today I stop by a place where I used to work. The  Starbucks at Miller Place, New York. I Worked there for about three months in 2006. It was an interesting ride. I had lots of fun. The people I worked with were great. They made me feel accepted in ways that I had not known were important. A lot has changed since I was there. It took 2 min 6 seconds do me to get a venti ice water. My time working in a NY Starbucks would go on to shape my mind about food customer service and about the appropriate speed of service. Unfortunately, there was no one at the store that I recognized-of course, it's almost 8 years later (what should one expect?). Going back kind of makes me emotional. Not sure why. It was just a lot. I guess it was a good time in my life. 

I remember some of the regulars quite well, that is their drinks of course. There was the triple venti carmel macchiato guy that would come in three times a day.  And there was this guy who owned a pizza shop at the adjacent parking lot. He got an espresso sometimes, but mostly just a cup of joe.

The guy who owned a pizza shop once sold me the best pizza I have ever tasted. I thought I'd stop by and order a pie but there was a sign saying they were closed and selling the assets. Made me sad a disappointed.  I know that life goes on, but maybe that shop owner died.  I mean he might have been in his late 60's at the time.  I remember the love of his life was there in the shop as was his son. 

Dad in Starbucks…

I got a job a few days ago at Starbucks... I must be getting the hang of the job because I guess I was thinking that things were cool.  I was making a frappuccino and thinking: "This is really cool, should to tell dad. What an odd coincidence that I am on Long Island just after College like he was, I would like to make him a coffee. I wonder if he would like it.... I would really like for him to order a drink and to be behind the bar and make it for him. I am glad to work here for the here and now." I was so in the moment that I forgot that he was not here anymore.... this thought must have only lasted like three seconds. 'Cause I realized just then that he would not be ordering a drink, that opportunity is gone... This is like a shocker. Have you ever woken up from a dream in which you were falling? There is that feeling of weightlessness and then sudden tenseness. Well it is kind of like that but mostly emotional and only partly physical  I wish it weren't so. So I guess I am looking to share some drinks with some other friends.  I was talking to Abigail last night and she mentioned that she had some PNG coffee left in her freezer.  I told her that she should save it (because it is my favorite blend too) and that we should drink it together some time in March 2007.  That is a drink to look forward to.