South Sister Climb

I took Katja to climb South Sister. We made our attempt on September 17th. We left Eugene on the 16th and camped on OR-126. Made it to the Dee Wight observatory for sunrise.

Took a stop in Bend at the grocery store for yogurt for breakfast.

I wasn't sure if we were going to summit and down in one day or if we were going to camp around Moraine Lake and summit the next day. The camping area on T36 and the trail to Moraine Lake is slightly out of the wind but has lots of prickly grass. Not a super smooth place to camp.

Broken Top from T36

We started up TR36.1, joined TR36 and marched to the top — almost. We started at about 5500 feet elevation and ended just at about 8,000 feet with a distance round trip trek of about 3.84 miles one way (7.68 miles round trip). Great work for a 7 year-old! I need to bring us gloves next time and more food and more water. Finding a backpack for her would be awesome and take some of the weight off of my shoulders. She needs shoes that tie rather than velcro shoes.

Start: 1,44.03711822899115,-121.76427483558656,5479.003

Turn-around point: 4,44.08561748668657,-121.76805038005115,8028.215

map with trail outlined.

Approximate trail. T36 is not visible through the woods on satellite view.