Simple Linguistics software

I often see good (maybe not sexy), software, like iBable designed on the Mac for scientific purposes. I often wonder, “Why hasn’t anyone done something for or with linguistics?” linguistics is a big field. Don’t get me wrong. It is also a field with few standardizations for data interoperability, and even fewer standards for data description and markup. Just seeing something like iBable is inspiring to want to learn Ruby and do something for linguistic data.

The Apple developer program is only $99 a year.
Tutorial on Ruby by Phusion.

Radiant a CMS developed in Ruby

I was browsing – cause that is what I do. – And I came across this very flexible, yet young CMS. ::

One of the cool things that I liked off the bat:

  • Update the data on display from an XML feed.

I immediately thought of a site I consulted for : that this could be a solution for that. (The site is in production but I am not sure how easy it is to update the data it displays. The connivence of a XML feed is that the site would be able to be updated from an app based in the workflow of the publisher.)