The swimmers

Sometimes as a parent one has to encourage their child to do something their child doesn't want to do. That time can today. I had to pull teeth to get Katja to come to the pool with me today. I told her she only needed to swim 3 laps. After much cajoling we got to the car. By the time she got to the pool, she had a kick board and was off. I got a few laps in and she met me at the far wall of the 25 yard lane. She says to me: " I want to swim 12 laps". And so she did. So.. from poolside observer 4 years ago so swim partner today.

Hats and other things

Katja has taken a liking to skiing. the local rental shop will rent her a set of skis and boots for $129 for the season. As much as I want to help her have access to skis I want to help her understand money and entrepreneurship.

I put it out there that she will need to pay for the skis for next year (the ski pass is free till age 12). There was silence for a few minutes after which she said that she could make hats. She likes to crochet. I suggested that hand made hats might be in the order of $25-$30 and that six of them might generate enough income for the skis.

Since concocting this plan on Friday she has lined up training for hat making (a friend), and discovered where she can sell them (the annual ski swap event). This is going to be fun and interesting to support. Some time in the future we’ll take a look at the business model canvas.

All a board.

On the slopes