New Chevy Bolt EUV

We newly acquired a Chevy Bolt EUV. It seems to present a very nice driving experience. One minor thing that I think the designers overlooked. When using Apple play, the fonts in the iPhone support a wide range of Unicode (as demonstrated by my phone's name in the first image). Apple play in the car's display unit also supports a similar range Unicode (second image). However, the screen of the drivers dash does not support the same set of characters (third image). It is quite common for fonts to replace the characters they don't contain with boxes. I encountered this issue with US based automobile manufacturers' media console displays in Nigeria when people were playing songs with titles in arabic script.

Two other user experience issues:

  1. My wife raises the seat and it didn't automatically lower when I get in. Every time I get in with her seat height I knock my head and it knocks my neck out of alignment.
  2. When I am in the front passenger seat and the car is off, and the driver is out of the car, one can not turn on the air conditioning.
  3. We live in Eugene, Oregon. It rarely gets to 104ºF, but when it does, the A/C feels weak and there are no vents in the back seat of the car.
  4. Windows on the sides of the car do not fold in (via a power button) to narrow the width of the car. They do fold in manually.
  5. Not terribly unusual, but tires need to be replaced in pairs–this can be expensive if one gets a flat in just one tire.