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SIL International has a survey service which operates across the globe in different administrative SIL units. I wonder, if the future of survey is no-longer looking at where indigenous people are living and what language variations they may have, but rather looking at where these people are going. Consider just the migrants from Nigeria according to 89,032 Nigerians have immigrated towards Europe in the last 4 years. That is a lot of people. Where do those people come from? what languages do they speak? What linguistic load is being put on European governmental services? What could SIL offer to these governmental agencies? How could various social organizations benefit from SIL's often long standing work in the regions that these immigrants are coming from?

European migration destinations from Nigeria. via

European migration destinations from Nigeria. via

Some German-English Linguistic pairs

I found this and used it in 2006. I am back publishing it on 07. March 2016 because I found it again via a link trace I left on I thought it would be worth reposting and linking to here, because It seems that Google is not as good at finding things like this any more. Source:

Kleine Wortliste Englisch / Deutsch zur Linguistik und Dialektologie

von Wolfgang Näser, Marburg

VORBEMERKUNG: Als Nebenprodukt der Lektüre erhebt diese Liste ausgewählter Wörter und Wendungen keinen Anspruch auf Vollständigkeit; jede Art von Übersetzung ist eine Interpretation, insofern hat das Nachstehende lediglich Vorschlags-Charakter. Ergänzungen und Anregungen sind jederzeit willkommen.

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1) vgl. Joshua A. FISHMAN, Bilingualism With and Without Diglossia [...], in:
Journal of Social Issues 23 (1967), 29-38

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