Trains at Valley River Center

It was an exceptionally busy day at the local mall, Valley River Center. There’s a special children’s museum there to watch my children have membership. However on this day there were so many people there that there was a line and we were to come back in a few minutes. We decided to take a walk. And what would you know that we found! Trains!

The observation tower.
Trains all around!


I read a news article today that talked about a couple from Australia raffleing off their Micronesian resort. They must have sold more than 50,000 tickets for 49 aus. dollars.  I think to myself “that is awesome.  I’d love to buy a profitable business for $49. How cool is that!” In reality if I had seen the raffle before it ended I would likely not have bought a ticket because there was too much risk of getting nothing out of it. I wonder: am I not risky enough?