Building Wooden Trains

The potential to build my own wooden trains as recently been observed. That is, the idea does not seem soooo far fetched any more now that I own a router and a router table. Towards that end I have started to amass some ideas and some links. Some additional thoughts are that I could use a CNC machine. I would like to make my own CNC machine. To that end I have started another post about ideas for building my own CNC machine.

Some places to order router bits:

A second way to approach this would be to use a tool like a CNC Shark. This has a lot of appeal for replication of items. However, at nearly $4K (at Rockler) that is a lot to start out with. Better to get some experience first. Learn where I can source my supplies from etc.

Some plans for cutting track:

Tutorials on how to make curved track:

Some Places to get components for rolling stock or rolling stock:

Some places to learn about child safe paints:

Some places to order manufactured sets

Some places to get a custom branding tool or wood etcher to sign the pieces I make.


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