Plugins Removed from WordPress Extend search after two Years

I watched the State of the Word address by Matt. There are some very exciting things happening with WordPress. It is always interesting to think that WordPress and FaceBook are almost the same age, they have both had a significant effect on the internet landscape.

In his State of the Word Speech, Matt mentioned that plugins which have not been updated in two years will be removed from the search results on My question is:

Why choose two years? Why not choose votes of “it doesn’t work” for the past two full points on the development cycle?

So if WordPress 3.2 is the newest release of WordPress, then all plugins which are not voted to have worked on at leasts 3.0 and above would get removed from the search results. With just 2 points on the development cycle it would probably be less time than two years. So, what Matt is proposing is probably a more lenient strategy. By my question is not about what time depth but rather why time depth. Why choose time depth rather than the dynamic that an audience says something is working with the current version of WordPress?

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