Cross-posting post from one WordPress Site to another

I set up another WordPress site and I wanted to transfer what I had written there to this site, so that all my writings would be together. This would include comments, links and attached media, and metadata about the post.

What I want a transfer plugin to do.

What I want a transfer plugin to do.

So I looked for a WordPress Plugin to do that. I found two (and as it is when I find more than one I have to test it out and write-up the results.):

  1. Xpost: Cross-post was the first plugin I found and it seemed to have a lot of really nice features.
  2. Transfer: the main difference between the two based on author description is that this one said that it also transferred images attached with the post.

So I tried Transfer first.


However, when I installed Transfer, it said that it could not find the Zend Framework… Warning: require_once(Zend/XmlRpc/Client.php) [function.require-once]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home1/public_html/username/wordpress/wp-content/plugins/transfer/library/Aperto/XmlRpc.php on line 3Path values changed to protect the innocent.
The plugin requires that one download Zend Framework Minimal ( and put the Zend folder under /wp-content/plugins/transfer/library/

I did this and I would get the WordPress white screen of death. I was told that this white screen of death was because my provider terminated a process (I had maxed out my user’s memory allocation) This white screen happens on one of my installs but not on another under a different user… so, not sure what is going on – Neither WP install would transfer the post. To get around the white screen of death I had to de-activate the plugin by editing the database.

I had initially failed to read the install requirement for Zend, so I found another solution for adding Zend to wordpress.
So I knew I needed to install the Zend Framework, I am sorta surprised that Dreamhost, my hosting provider did not have Zend set up on my server in a way that WordPress was automatically going to detect it. Oh, well is there a plugin for that? – Uh, yes there are like a gilzillion! So I went with the first one: Zend Framework [or also in WP-Extend]. I loaded it and then added the helpful code found in the online WordPress forums.

Go to your wp-config and paste this right after * @package WordPress part and before // ** MySQL settings – You can get this info from your web host ** //

/** Zend Framework **/

function add_include_path ($path)
foreach (func_get_args() AS $path)
if (!file_exists($path) OR (file_exists($path) && filetype($path) !== 'dir'))
trigger_error("Include path '{$path}' not exists", E_USER_WARNING);

$paths = explode(PATH_SEPARATOR, get_include_path());

if (array_search($path, $paths) === false)
array_push($paths, $path);

set_include_path(implode(PATH_SEPARATOR, $paths));


After I did both of these things all of my errors went away.

I did try a second plugin, WP-ZFF Zend Framework Full for installing the Zend Framework, this one said that the plugin would modify the include path so I thought that could use this without modifying wp-config.php but the plugin failed on import so I deleted it.
So in the sad case I that I was not able to get Transfer to work I moved on and decided to try Xpost.


Xpost [on WP-Extend] was a breeze to set up and I actually got it working for a simple post. However, I was not able to select the target category in the master WP install, from the writer’s WP install (The test post I used just when to the default category).

Xpost not getting categories

Xpost not getting categories available on the master WP install.

The box just says categories loading. This seems to be a problem reported by Nigel and by gulliver.

The test image was not transferred to the media library of the master WP install from the writer’s WP install. Additionally, if the category of the post is changed in the Master WP install, then the writer’s WP install loses track of the post. This is only temporary… If the writer tries to cross-post the post again, then the This results in the writer not being able to update the post. (Red error message is shown.) But if the writer tries a second time then the original post in the Master WP install is found, and updated. Including the “removed” category. However, this “removed” category was intentionally moved by the editor on the Master WP install. So this creates a bit of a conflict. BTW: It would be nice to be able to select a special custom post type for imports.

It seems that Xpost was designed to broadcast out rather that to ingest.

What xpost seems to do

What Xpost seems to do

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