Doing School all over again?

How would I do School all over again? What would I do? I might study formal arguments or study database design and web architecture. I might even do some pre-med classes (or maybe wilderness medicine with NOLS). But I really wish someone had told me about a degree in outdoor sports and a degree in some other part of the world. Like a minor in Spanish, study in Argentina and then also do a NOLS semester in Patagonia, or a semester with GVI.

For the last 2 years I have been enrolled in the linguistics M.A. Program at UND. It has been a blast. I love linguistics. I love learning. But through this time I have been talking with people who have come to know me and my passion for doing things right organizationally and for seeing things from the "big picture" perspective. These conversations have resulted in people recommending me to look at degrees like an M.B.A. or International Management degree.

As I drive around in the Dallas area I have heard a lot of advertisements from the community college. So investigated it. They have some really cool classes for $41 a credit hour... nice.
I looked up what type of Associates degrees they offer and there are some nice options:

What do I want to do? I want to be able to build the tools I need in linguistics. Some of this involves GIS data, some language data, some linguistics.

And then I would also think about finishing my Aviation Studies to at least have my privat pilots license.

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