Shoot the Moon


Moon: taken with a Tamron 70mm-200mm with a Tamron 2x teleconverter.

My friend Josh and I have recently been collaborating on some celestial photography. Several years ago I acquired a Tamron 2x AF teleconverter. I did not know the purpose or function of this lens until I got a camera which could use it (then I got the bright idea to look it up on Google). Josh has a Tamron 70mm-200mm lens. So, we teamed up one night to shoot the moon. We got several nice photos and learned a lot about our gear and night shooting. Two nights later I shot the above photo with the same set up, but applying some of my newly developed skills. One thing I found out about the Tarmon telephoto lens was that the auto-focus switch is connected to the focus rotator in the front. Slide the rotator up and down along the axis of the lens to turn the auto-focus on and off. One thing I found out about the teleconverter was that shooting strait down the center of the lens created less Chromatic Aberration.


Tamron 70-200mm lens

Tamron 70mm-200mm f2.8 Di Macro Lens

Tamron 70mm-200mm f2.8 Di Macro Lens
Image Source: The Digital Picture

The Digital Picture’s Review of the Tamron 70mm-200mm f2.8 Di Macro Lens

Tamron 2x AF teleconverter

Tamron 2x Teleconverter

Tamron 2x AF Teleconverter
Image source: Photography Review

Photography Review’s: Review of the Tamron 2x Teleconverter.


I have been considering getting a telephoto lens of my own. One candidate is the Tamron 200mm-500mm. I would like to shoot the moon with a 500mm lens to see what the difference is between a 200mm and a 500mm (also with the teleconverter).

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