Mexican Hot Chocolate

Mayordomo Chocolate from Oaxaca Mexico

Mayordomo Chocolate from Oaxaca Mexico

I love Mexican Hot Chocolate. Becky and I discovered Mayordomo Chocolate from Oaxaca, Mexico while we were visiting friends. Anytime we come back to Oaxaca we stop by Mayordomo and buy a few pounds to consume wherever we are living.

I was helping Becky make some Hot Chocolate (the Mayordomo Semi-bitter kind) one day and the smell of the chocolate reminded me of some kind of previous experience. I had had this type of chocolate as a kid – I had smelt it before (of course we have made it before, and also drank it in Mexico). However, this eventsome time around 1988 which came to mind I think it was in the Children’s museum in Baltimore, MD; the old one in The Cloisters in Lutherville, Maryland not the current one, Port Discovery. I remember having chocolate which smelled and tasted like this. I think I even remember pounding and mixing the mix to make the cocoa.

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