Jed’s Visit

This past week my brother Jedediah came and visited. It was a motivating visit. We got a bunch of things done. Did a lot of visiting. Luckily I had it all planned out…

Planning for Jed to come

Planning for Jed to come

Firebird - Hugh and Jed

We started out the visit with a trip to see the Firebird

Hugh and Jed at SMU

Then we went to see some KJV 1611 Bibles

At the Zoo

At the Zoo

Looking at old war Birds

Looking at old war birds - as if the firebird was not enough

Medieval Times logo

Medieval Times - They have Jousting! - Jed on Facebook

Hugh and Becky at MT

Some crazy Soup lovers...

We did some game playing

We did some game playing. Jed was introduced to Cities and Knights.

Jed really showed some of his mad skillz while he was here too.

Roof work with Jed

Roof work with Jed

Italian toilet

Revealing the Italian toilet in our bathroom

Italian Toilet
It was all bent...

It was all bent...

Jed and Jim

Have you ever noticed my brother's Eyebrows?

Tonight I managed to Kilz the bathroom (with Becky’s help of course).

Bathroom Kilz'd 3

Bathroom Kilz'd

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