Gmail challenges

I have been using GMail since 2005 (along with other products for email). Yesterday, I deleted 3000 messages from my “All mail” folder. Bringing my message count down to 21,000 messages. I know there is still a lot of Junk left in there. So I want to target the non-personal messages by sender and make a choice as to if I delete them or not. So I need some stats… Searching for Stats packages for GMail… Finding Google system blog. And Mail Trends via lifehacker. We’ll see how it goes.

The only other problem I have had with GMail has been that somehow in 2008 a message got corrupted and I could not download any mail from Gmail. So I got rid of my .mbox and tried to re download my email, about 4GB worth. Whenever OSX hit the corrupted message the POP3 download would fail. – grrr. But, I still have no way of knowing for sure what the message was, which was corrupted. (And navigating to a specific date in GMail is all but impossible.) So I have a gap in my email records on my computer corresponding to 2005 through 2008. I have not found a way to fix this. Additionally, Gmail, via POP3 does not distinguish between sent messages and inbound messages. Though I suppose through some rules magic one could sort the messages after import. My question has been, How do I download the entire 4GB of Emails in a usable format?
I have looked at solutions like but have not yet implemented anything.

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