3 thoughts on “Social Meta-data collection

  1. We have the same challenge.
    We put the photos in an online photo gallery. People can browse the pictures from anywhere in the world and add metadata directly, like on FaceBook. They’re registered, so their comments are tagged with their name.
    With people who are active on the internet it’s not such a problem, but with elderly folks not online, we may need to call on the iPad team.

  2. An interesting App that looks like it might fit the need is PhotoForge2. I am not sure if it will work or not, as I would need to test things out first. First things first. I need to get my hands on an iPad.

  3. I got my hands on an iPad this week and have tested all of the apps mentioned here. None of them work like I would want them to. So I found Bento and created my own database. Another post to come about this experience. 

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