Merging and Revitalizing

Today I started the process of trying to merge my two WordPress blogs. The older one, from 2005 through 2008, and this one, running from 2010-2011. I have the SQL dump from of the original blog. I think I have the original blog setup: WordPress version and all the plugins. So I loaded the SQL dump and started playing with that. I also had hosted version of the data on a hidden URL. I was able to export the blog data as a WXR file. But I am not sure that this really exports all the data that was in the SQL dump. So I am going to have to try revitalizing the old blog with the old plugins. And then replace the main domain location with localhost or something.

I decided to use MAMP and pull all development to my local machine. I have run into a few challenges.

  1. I have some sort of SQL error in the syntax of my Gallery 2 install (it was a parallel install to the WP install where I posted all of my photos linked to in my posts.) I think I can get by without fixing this error. So this is not really a big deal.
  2. All of my links in my posts have my old domain name in the links. I need to either:
    • Change the old domain to my new domain
    • Change the old domain to new shortcode looking like /?=123 so that the interconnectedness of the posts remains on may new blog where ever I host it.

    Obviously I would prefer the later. But I have two questions:

    1. How would I do that technically? It would require a massive search and replace through the whole SQL database.
    2. What will happen to the new items which come into the altered blog. By this I mean if both blogs have post IDs which start at 1 and go to some higher number. How do I perserve the interconnectedness of the second blog? because the second blog will be connected with short links like /?=123.

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