Social Network Marketing

My friend Abbie, (Facebook, MySpace) is currently in a competion to perform live with Ingrid Michaelson. She is also in first place currently. (Go ahead vote for her. Her’s is #6 in the top ten listing.)

That is not what is the most interesting though.

What is interesting is the social networking going on to get all the votes needed.

Someone created an Open Event on Facebook. Abbie has about 1700 Facebook friends and a fan page. But by creating an open facebook event other people could envite their friends to the event. So now there are over 11,500 people who have been invited to the event! That is 10 times the number of people that Abbie knows. And this has only been three or four days running.

When people respond to the event then there is an option for a personal message. Followed by clear instructions (and links) on the event page describing how to vote. The event has gone viral. That is the point of Social Network Marketing.

I wonder if I created an event for my business purposes if it would fly. I only have 500 friends so to reach the 10x number we would only need to send out 5000 invites.

You can follow Abbie’s Youtube channel.

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