Making a recipe blog

My wife, Becky likes to cook. I like her to cook. She recently started to blog. So I talked her through the MySQL database set up and the installation of her own copy of WordPress on our Dreamhost account. (I must admit that it was a happy day.) One of the things she is doing is writing about what she cooks, with pictures of how it turns out.
“Cool”, says I. But how does one keep track of all the recipes? So I asked her why she was blogging. And she said that one of the reasons was that if she had a fixin’ to use a certain ingredient she would have a place to search to see if she had cooked with that ingredient before and how it turned out.

So I am on the hunt for a recipe plugin or recipe management CMS for her.

So far I have come across OpenEats.
And for Using WordPress itself there is hRecipe.

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